Bdaa – This Building Kisses the Sky and Turns with the Wind!

Turkish architect Hayri Atak has designed a skyscraper that shifts and rotates in time with the wind. Decorating the Dubai skyline, the Squall Tower likens Al Pacino’s casino building in Ocean’s Thirteen. The building features a trio of separate ribbon-shaped segments that twist around a centre axis, with many branches joining them as one.

The cross-section of each ribbon is streamlined, permitting it to rotate with little drag. The whole structure will finish one rotation once every 2 days at a fixed speed, with or sans wind. This will allow each person in the building to view a total 360° view of Dubai, both sea and city perspectives. Also, a helipad occupying the building’s peak will permit patrons and visitors entry from the top while revolving entrances on the base will supply entry to each of the building’s trio of helical towers. No announcement has been made regarding a start construction date for the Squall Tower, although the building’s design was revealed on Hayri Atak’s website and social media.