Boss Hunting – Qatar To Welcome The Ambitious Eco-Floating Hotel In 2025

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) have opted to – as the kids say – go hard in the paint by revealing plans for the extraordinary Eco-Floating Hotel scheduled to open in Qatar as early as 2025.

Accessible by car, boat, and helicopter, the luxurious man-made island will extend from the mainland’s shore, resting right on the surface of the Persian Gulf, and continuously rotate in place to complete a full revolution every 24 hours. This feature isn’t exactly a gimmick, either. If all goes to plan, these revolutions will be how the Eco-Floating Hotel generates its own energy; in addition to leveraging the power of sun, wind, water, and tidal motions (hence the “eco” part of its name).

In terms of scale, we’re talking 376,000 square feet, a grand total of 152 rooms, capped off by an entire array of the obligatory amenities: fine dining with killer views, private terraces, golf course, indoor + outdoor swimming pools, even a wellness centre offering a sauna, spa, and gym. And while it isn’t exactly something one can tangibly enjoy, many have made a point to highlight the vortex-like glass roof – which actually doubles as a water collection system for the hotel’s greenery.

Clean water dedicated for other kinds of use will be obtained by purifying seawater, with wastewater treated appropriately to ensure the environment isn’t harmed in the process. HAADS also has plans to develop waste separation units to convert food waste into fertiliser for the landscaping.

“The Eco-Floating Hotel is inspired by the sea with which it is associated in the first degree in terms of form and design principle,” writes HAADS.

“At this point, it is worth mentioning that the project will work efficiently in areas where there is a continuous and certain flow.”

Although details regarding the timeline and progress are a little sparse at this stage, a spokesperson has confirmed Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio is now conducting feasibility and technical studies for the Eco-Floating Hotel. After all, a concept is one thing, material reality is another, no matter how considerable the budget.