Designboom – Hayri Atak Envisions A Boutique Hotel Suspended Over A Cliff Edge In Norway

For the design studio’s latest project, hayri atak proposes to construct a boutique hotel sitting precariously on the edge of norway‘s preikestolen cliff.T he idea sees the hotel built into the side of the rock, appearing almost as an extension of the cliff itself. characterized by the series of balconies that delicately cantilever over the precipice, the concept envisions a unique hotel experience, providing guests with impressive views of the natural landscape of norway.

On the top level of the hotel, a large viewing platform is designed by hayri atak to greet guests into the entrance of the building.On the three floors below, guest accommodation can be found, including curved balconies that protrude out from the edge of the cliff, offering panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and mountains. On the last deck, a swimming pool provides users with a place for relaxation. the pool itself, long and narrow, stretches out into the distance, creating an uncertain yet thrilling architectural concept.

Established in 2017, Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Educated in the field of interior architecture, Atak has worked on projects including hotel design, cafe/restaurant design, store concept design, villa design, clinical design, housing design, and façade design. In addition to his interest in product and furniture design, Atak has also recently been working on parametric designs, prototype techniques, molding & serial manufacture techniques of products and façades, and robotic architecture.