Doha News – Qatar set for ‘rotating, eco-floating’ hotel by 2025

The hotel will have 152 rooms with access to multiple breathtaking views of the ocean along with each rotation.

Is your hotel just not close enough to the beach? Well your complaints may have been answered. Ambitious plans to build a floating hotel by 2025 in Qatar have been announced.

Turkish architectural design company, Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio [HAADS] revealed its latest dazzling vision of the hotel, which will float peacefully along Doha’s waters.

The eco-floating hotel will boast 152 rooms and is designed to decrease energy loss and reduce waste production.

“The eco-floating hotel is inspired by the sea with which it is associated in the first degree in terms of form and design principle. At this point, it is worth to mention that the project will work efficiently in areas where there is a continuous and certain flow,” said HAADS on its Instagram page.

Built with a 24-hour rotating system, the circular-shaped attraction will generate electricity while maintaining its position through the use of a dynamic positioning system.

According to HAADS, the hotel uses an energy production system called “vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella” [VAWTAU]. The vertical aspect works as a wind turbine and the horizontal plane is used as a sun umbrella. Through the system implemented in the design, the rotating hotel will be able to generate 25 KW through its 55 VAWTAU modules.

Its vortex-designed roof will also be able to collect rainwater that can be used to irrigate the green sites of the hotel, while also being able to purify sea and waste water.

HAADS also revealed that it seeks to provide waste separation units to turn the hotel’s food waste into fertilisers that can be used on the site.

While the location has yet to be revealed, the design company said it aims to build it on “Qatar’s coastal waters”, but despite its off-shore location, visitors can drive to the hotel, hop on a boat, or even use a helicopter.

The hotel’s design will have three different entrances to provide access from several areas of the shore through the 140-degree pier that surrounds it.

To get as much of the view as possible, the 152 rooms will have their own separate balconies through which they can access different parts of the ocean with each rotation.

Like any other hotel, the design features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, spa, gym, and mini golf course.

The exact completion date of the hotel has not yet been announced, but HAADS aims to complete it within the next four years.

Will you booking your staycation there?