Luxury Launches – Qatar is planning to build a massive 152 room floating luxury resort that will spin to generate electricity

Qatar is advancing into the world of sustainable and stunning architecture with breakneck speed, and to keep up with the development spree, the latest addition is a floating hotel that is the newest head-turner in the Middle Eastern country. As expected, this modern architectural marvel is designed by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS). It will go by the name the Eco-Floating Hotel, effortlessly combining supreme luxury and sustainability. The Eco-Floating Hotel rotates like a revolving restaurant and boasts wind, solar, and tidal sustainability features. It should be known the hotel is situated just off the shore and supported on a series of floating platforms. The rotation action is naturally and intentionally kept very slow, not to make guests dizzy, and would take 24 hours to complete a revolution. Such similar twisting structures have been planned for Dubai as a sky-kissing turbine-shaped scraper and a 688 feet tall twisted skyscraper in New York by the same studio. Let’s explore this superlative creation designed to minimize energy loss and with a zero-waste principle:

The Eco-Floating Hotel measures 35,000 sq m with 152 rooms and includes a rotating system that moves the building around to generate electrical energy.

The Floating Hotel, which has 3 different entrances, aims to provide access from land at any time of the day thanks to the 140-degree pier that surrounds itself.

The hotel’s rotating system employs dynamic positioning (DP), a computer-controlled system to maintain a ship’s position automatically.

Guests can access the hotel by car, by boat, or by helicopter and drone to a floating pier’s helipad. They are welcomed first into a 700 m2 lobby and then rejuvenate in rooms that flaunt their own balcony, which offers guests different perspectives as the building revolves.

It would interest you to know that this structure’s architectural genius allows all of the hotel’s platforms, including the connection to the mainland, to be floating platforms. To commence, the hotel is planned to be stationed in the coastal waters of Qatar.

The Eco-Floating Hotel aims for full self-sufficiency and manages this feat by applying solar, wind, and tidal energy generated by spinning in place. These all-natural resources cover the island’s needs.