Mens Gear – Haads Presents The Eco-Floating Hotel Which Rotates To Generate Its Own Power

For some of the most awe-inspiring man-made structures out there, the Middle East is where you can find them. The region is home to many of the world’s architectural wonders thanks to the almost-bottomless coffers of its affluent residents. Another marvelous hotel might soon rise – or float in this case – courtesy of Hayri Atak Architecture Design Studio (HAADS) aptly named the Eco-Floating Hotel.

With the help of advanced engineering and technology, the Eco-Floating Hotel would live up to its name. You see, its structure is unique in the way that it can physically move to another location.

HAADS also noted that it will generate its own electricity, which means it does not rely on the grid for power. However, it will need to resupply its consumable resources every now and then with guests and staff on board.

Technically, this suggests that the Eco-Floating Hotel does not have a permanent address so to speak. Instead, clients who are checking in might be arriving by chopper or by many forms of watercraft. According to HAADS, the high-tech inn will be primarily accessible in Qatar.فندق دوّار

The ultimate goal of this cutting-edge construction is zero waste alongside outstanding energy conservation. By positioning itself in waters with dynamic currents, it can keep rotating and producing electricity.

Although the building itself will be moving, people spending their time there will not be ending up with motion sickness. One full rotation takes 24 hours, so the motion of the Eco-Floating Hotel has minimal impact on anything or anyone aboard.