New Atlas – Eco-Floating Hotel puts ambitious spin on sustainable design

Qatar isn’t exactly lacking in notable architecture but a new floating hotel would certainly be a head-turning addition to the Middle Eastern country. Named the Eco-Floating Hotel, the project would rotate in place like a revolving restaurant and boast wind, solar, and tidal sustainability features.

The Eco-Floating Hotel is designed by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) and would measure 35,000 sq m (376,000 sq ft), with a total of 152 rooms. It takes the form of a big glass doughnut with greenery integrated into its exterior and also resembles Moshe Safdie’s indoor waterfall with its huge vortex-like glass roof.

The hotel would be situated just off the shore and supported on a series of floating platforms. The rotation action would move very slowly so as to not make guests dizzy and would take 24 hours to complete a revolution. This movement would be controlled by a dynamic positioning system, as used to help keep ships on the correct course, and would consist of a series of thrusters and propellers.

Access to the hotel itself would be gained by a pier connected to the shore, or by helicopter or boat. Its interior would be centered around a lobby, with its 152 hotel rooms boasting luxury amenities like private balconies, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, spa, and gym.

The sustainability features envisioned for this one are as ambitious as its spinning design. The vortex shape of the roof would be used to collect rainwater for irrigating the greenery and other uses, while solar panels and wind turbines would be used to provide power.

Additionally, the water current would be harnessed with some kind of tidal energy system as the hotel turns and produce power in a way that’s similar to a dynamo, the firm told us.

HAADS says that feasibility and technical studies are currently ongoing to try and realize the design by 2025, so we wouldn’t recommend booking a flight to Qatar just yet – best to wait and see if this one pans out.