Research Blaze – Floating Hotel In Qatar To Become The Source Of Its Own Power Supply From Now!

The concept of floating hotels is becoming quite popular in the current scenario. You can find these perfect for holiday, destination hotels across the world. Countries like UAE, Qatar, France, and Canada have some unique and attractive experiences to offer. Undoubtedly, in the past few years, there have been some drastic changes in the way hotels operate.

Sustainable development and consideration for the environment are now becoming important factors to be inculcated in business. The eco-friendly hotel we’re going to talk about has gone the extra mile and is going to generate electricity of its own.

Designed by Turkish architectural firm Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio, architects of this firm say that the hotel will rotate to generate electricity.

The project is expected to be ready by 2025. Not only will it facilitate self-electricity generation but it even focuses on rainwater harvesting and waste food management. Well, that sounds too good and futuristic to be true. But, it is happening.

The process of generating electricity will be similar to that of a hydro generator. According to the details shared by HAADS, when the hotel will start rotating, it will convert the energy of flowing water into electricity. Considering the size of the hotel, it’s going to be a complex process. In order to deal with this, the internal system is equipped with propellers and thrusters. These devices fitted under the waterline are going to be controlled by sophisticated computer systems.

It is estimated that the hotel will be spread across 8.6 acres. Adding to this, it will be giving space to at least 55 vertical wind turbines that can generate around 25kW of electricity. Interestingly, the rooftop of this futuristic hotel is vortex shaped. Not only it adds a certain charm to the looks but it’s there for a more technical reason. It is designed as a way to help collect rainwater. Apart from this, there are more environment-friendly set-ups in the hotel like the system in which waste food is turned into fertilizer. Plus, the special wastewater management system. This hotel is like the epitome of sustainability.

Just by the technical aspects of the hotel, it seems clear that this destination is no less than a luxury. With 152 guest suites and each one of them has a private balcony. Furthermore, to add to the already established beauty of this luxurious space, there’s a mini-golf coach and a beach club.

An infinity pool, a rooftop bar, and whatnot. It is believed that the size of this mobile hotel is equivalent to 6 football fields. And football fields remind us of a larger-than-life event going to take place in 2022. Yes, you guessed it right. The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup!

This is going to be the first World Cup ever that’s going to be held in an Arab Country. And by looking at the developmental ambitions of Qatar, it seems like there are more international events the country’s going to host in the future.

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